Mar 14, 2011

Necklace Cords - Double Strand Rattail Satin Plain neckalces

Necklace Cords. Our Double Strand Rattail Necklace Cords are handmade in the color, length and quantity of your choice. They are satiny, smooth and available in many colors. You are sure to find one to match your Pendants. We make them from scratch so you get just what your need. We have no minimum order and our necklaces are Guaranteed! We have Visit our website for more details.

1-11 $2/ea plus shipping
12-49 $1.25/ea plus shipping
50-99 $1.15/ea plus shipping
100-and over $1.10/ea with free first class mail shipping

Priority mail available for $5.00

1) Pick your length

 We can make any length. Tell us how long you want them and we'll cut them to size.

2) Pick your Colors

These are the colors that are available in this style (See picture at below):

Two strands of 2mm Satin Ratail. Available in Silver Plate and Gunmetal only. Cord Colors: Black (not pictured) Rose, Baby Pink, Orange, Maroon, Turquoise, Hot Pink, White, Purple, Lavender, Red, Mint green, Emerald green, Christmas green, Olive green, Lemon Yellow, Baby blue, Navy blue, Turquoise, Medium blue, Brown

3) Pick your Finish Style
Note: This Necklace Cord will NOT fit the Sm Aanraku glue-on bail. It requires a 6mm bail opening.

4) Add an extension chain for an additional .15 cents.

See all of our options/details in one place, including finding colors and finished necklace dimensions by clicking {HERE}

EXTENSION CHAINS are sold separately at $.15 cents each.

5) Place your order

To order, simply send us an EMAIL. You can email us at info (at) Tell us what you want and we will send a detailed invoice via Paypal which can be paid directly from your Paypal account. We will follow up with a USPS Delivery Confirmation number when your order ships.

See our "How to Order" page for more help placing an order.

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