Our Products - Necklace Cords

Quality Cords makes handmade necklace cords in many styles, over 100 colors to choose from and in any length or combination of lengths. Orders are made per customer's request. You select the material, color, quantity and the length.

We've got a large selection of styles, material, and colors. All of our necklaces are handmade so we can make then in ANY length and we dont charge extra for assortments! We are just as happy to sell you 500 as we are to sell you one. We offer Silver Plate, Gold tone, Antique Copper and Gunmetal finish ends/clasps on most of our styles.
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12pc Necklace Cords Rattail  Any Length, 21 Colors - Fits Scrabble/Glass Tile Pendants all Aanraku bails - Handmade in USA 50pc Organza Necklace Cords Any Length, 17 Colors Fits Scrabble/Glass Tile Pendants all Aanraku - Handmade in USA 12 - Necklace Cords Double Strand Satin Any Length, 21 Colors use with Scrabble/Glass Tile Pendants and all Aanraku bails. 100 - Double Strand Organza Necklace Cords - for Scrabble/Glass Tile Pendants - FREE Shipping 100 - Satin Necklace Cords - Any Length, 21 Colors - Use w/Scrabble/Glass Tile Pendants and all Aanraku bails. 6 - Silver Shimmer Metalic Necklace Cords - Any Length - Use w/Scrabble/Glass Tile Pendants-Handmade in USA

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