About Us

Welcome to our blog. This is our story:

I collect pendants like other women collect shoes. Instead of a closet full of shoes, I have a jewelry box full of pendants. My favorite are handmade pendants. They are so unique, so different and so pretty. I get more compliments when I wear a handmade pendant than when I wear one that is store bought.

Over time I've accumulated lots of nice pendants that I've purchased as well as some that Ive made myself. Because of this I decided to purchase some nice cords to make my own necklaces so that I can mix and match with my pendants. Well, not knowing what I was doing I ended up with a HUGE bunch of cords (hey, the price was good and the colors were beautiful) more than I could use up myself. What to do?

I made a dozen necklace cords and offered them for sale. They sold imediately so I made a 2nd set of 12. Soon I started getting messages from potential buyers asking about "the cords you had for sale the other day" and asking if I could do them all black, or all long or all short etc. This got me thinking.

Two years and two Etsy shops later with lots of research, trial and error and listening to customers, I now specialize in custom handmade necklace cords.  I still collect handmade pendants but now I have a huge variety of cords to wear them with!


Our Website and Etsy shops offer:
and much more, all in the length and quantity of your choice, all guaranteed not to fall apart and all shipped locally from Southern California.

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