Mar 14, 2011

The Lighter Side of handmade Pendants!

Do you need a little "pick-me-up" or do you know someone who does? Then, you'll love the pendants featured below. Each of the pendants below were HANDMADE by various artists and you'll be glad to know they are available for purchase! Feel free to click on any picture to visit that artist's store.

Below is our homage to the "Lighter Side of Pendant Making".

March Madness Sale - LOVE TO SHOP-1 One Inch Glass Tile Pendant 24 inch Silver Plated Ball Chain Necklace or Black Ribbon Necklace Included Funny Retro Necklace (one inch) stamp of approval necklace Tea Time Surprise Necklace by Galavant on Etsy Button Christmas Tree Acrylic Necklace - SALE Roscata Hot Dog Weiner Necklace Pendant Handmade Polymer Clay Food Jewelry Little Monsters Silly Pink Guy  (MO 34) Vintage Scrabble Tile Pendant ..BUY 3 GET 1 FREE.. Fun Kitsch Knitted Pretzel Necklace Sporkling Necklace Toilet Paper on your neck - sterling silver loo roll necklace Roscata Free Range Chicken Necklace Pendant Handmade Polymer Clay Food Jewelry Pendant in Disguise - Engraved White Marble Pendant Smile Panda Scrabble Tile Necklace Roscata Purple Taro Boba Necklace Pendant Handmade Polymer Clay Cocktail Miniature Art Jewelry Nerd - Resin Pendant Necklace 


We've given our "Strange and Unusual Pendant" feature it's own home. You can find it at

Come on over and take a look.

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