Jan 9, 2011

Pendants-A salute to the Strange and Unusual.

 "Hey Frankie, what's up with those Pendants downthere?"

"I don't know...wait, are they making you ashamed of of being a Pendant? Is that why you are in disguise?

In this world you'll find that there are those who refuse to color inside the lines, those who think outside the box, those who refuse to conform. They make our world even more interresting. They stirr up your emotions, start conversations and introduce new points of view. To them we say "well done". This is our salute to the Pendant Makers who are in a class all their own. Click on any picture below to go to their on-line shop.
Got Butterflies in your stomach? Let everyone know.

You can loose the mask Bob, we know its you.

If your boyfriend gives you one of these, its cause he really likes you.

"Squirrel Chewed Pendant", Rat chewed pendants sold seperately elsewhere.

Aww..the pendnat is wearing a pendant.

"What-cha talking 'bout Willis?"

"Real Preserved Squirrel Tongue". Ladies, Impress your date, wear on of these to dinner tonight.

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