Jan 17, 2011

Enhancing your pendants with longer necklace cords.


When selecting a necklace cord to match up with your handmade pendant, keep in mind that not everyone prefers the 16" necklace. While 16" seems to be the norm, it is not always the right choice. Ive found that many shop owners stick with a short necklace cord only because their suppliers dont offer long cords. There are many times when a longer necklace is a much better choice.

The length of a necklace can dramatically change the look of your pendant. Larger pendants may look "stubby" when worn on a short cord. You should also keep in mind that many outfits lend themselves better to a longer cord. A short cord may get "lost" behind a ruffly coller or even in the cleavage. (come on you know its true) A 24 or 26 inch necklace can be just what you need.

We are happy to say that we can offer our Necklace Cords in any length. So take a 2nd look at how you present your handmade pendants and consider the difference a long cord can make. Here are a few point to keep in mind:

First and foremost is the older female customer. Many mature women have joint pain or muscle weakness in their hands and fingers. They prefer a longer necklace such as a 24" or even 26" so that they dont have to mess with the clasp and can simply slip the necklace over their heads without trying to undo the clasp.

The style of the necklace itself may call for a longer cord. Younger customers may want to wear their pendants mid-navel, or mid chest as we see in this elegant piece by Wiyomu.


Pendant size:
Larger pendants often look much better with a long necklace cord. A long necklace cord can balance out the look of a large pendant while giving the necklace a sleeker, more attractive appearance.


We know that long necklace cords are hard to find but we also know that long necklaces are in fashion. This is why we make our necklaces available in any length, giving you the opportunity to create the current fashion trends by pairing up our necklaces with your pendants.

We dont charge extra for longer lengths and our necklaces are available in many materials, including Satin, Organza, Waxed Cotton, Metalic, Leather, Faux Suede, Nylon and more. We offer a combined selection of over 100 colors to choose from and we welcome custom orders and requests for assortments.

See our selection here: http://www.qualitycords.com/index.php?pr=Handmade_Necklace_Cords


You are also invited to visit our Etsy Shops:
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