Feb 23, 2012

Hard to find Cord Necklaces - We've got 'em!

We have hard to find cord necklace lengths! Visit our website www.qualitycords.com

We offer custom made cord necklaces, you choose the material, you choose the length. We make them from scratch so we could make ANY length. For example:

34” Cord necklaces to wrap or double-up on
13” Cord necklaces to use as chokers
14” Cord necklaces for the younger (thinner) crowd
24” Cord necklaces for the older crowd or for Men
25” Cord necklaces for use as Lanyards
15” Cord necklaces for a more “loose” fitting chocker

We cut to size so we could offer ½” increments as well.  If you need an 18.5” cord, we could do that. Need  a 17.5” cord necklaces? No problem, we could do any length.

Don’t offer your customers a 16” cord with an extension chain and expect them to wear it on the last link. We both know that looks cheesy. Order a variety of lengths from us, we don’t charge extra for an assortment of lengths.  With the exception of our Real Suede Cords, the price is the same for a 13” choker as it is for a 36” Wrap-around cord.

Increase your sales, here is a tip: Make matching bracelets! Yes, we also make bracelet lengths! Same price, so you could sell your charms/pendants with a matching bracelet.

Visit our website to see our cord materials and colors at http://www.qualitycords.com/

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