Jan 27, 2011

Necklace Cords. You get what you pay for.

At Quality Cords we understand that your customer's satisfaction is very important. We know that you can get 100 necklace cords for $9.99. As a matter of fact we can tell you where to get them. But we would recommend that you take a moment to think about your choice of Necklace Cords before making a purchase.  

How long will you have to wait for your order? Will your necklaces be guaranteed not to fall apart or will you be taking a chance when buying them? Will you be able to order 22, 24, 26 or even 30" cords or will you have to settle for 16"? And most importantly, what will your customer think of your purchase?

Lets be honest, just like I know and you know that mass produced cords are a dime a dozen, so does your customer. A customer can spot a cheap import a mile away. Now, we also know that there are very high quality cords out there; if you can afford them, we say, go for it! Your customers deserve the best.

But if you are not preparead to spend a lot of money yet dont want to embarass yourself with a dark metal coil end, flimsy cord then let us help. We offer a good quality, sturdy necklace cord, guaranteed strong, at an affordable price. Our prices start at .95 cents and go up to $1.50 per piece. This gives you the flexability to offer your customer an attractive necklace without spending too much money.

We can make them in any length, so you could offer your customers a choice instead of handing them a 16" cord hoping it will fit. See our article about long necklaces and our page on selecting the right size. We offer over 100 colors, over 15 styles so you can easily coordinate our cord colors with your pendant colors.There is never an extra charge for assortments or long necklace cords.

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